Residential Window Services

Residential Services

Larry’s Window Services’s well trained staff can handle all types of residential window cleaning.  Your free residential estimate will be  based on the number and type of windows you have in your home.  We can also clean your screens and gutters. We can also wash the outside of your house, a must just before you paint.  Power wash concrete and stone. Never clean your deck again we do that too, call us for a free estimate.

We run discount specials in January, February and August.  Contact us for details.

We have office staff to take your phone call or email, we have multiple crews to handle your personal scheduling needs.  Our pricing is consistent and competitive.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

Family owned and operated since 1969, we will be here for you and your home.

Accurate Estimates & Quotes

Larry’s Window Service provides free estimates over the phone and for quotes, we can schedule to stop by in person. Please call us for an estimate or to schedule a personal quote!

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Word of Mouth

More than 90 percent of our residential business comes from word of mouth. We’ve either cleaned your neighbor’s or friend’s house — and most likely we’ve stopped by your workplace.


Contact us today at 515-244-0560 for a quote over the phone or we can schedule to stop by in person!